During my course of working as a health care professional, I came across people with different diagnosis, of which some either went to the wrong doctor or did not know how to confirm or manage the illness. Unfortuntely some ended up as hospice (palliative or end-stage), which is already too late to be helped.  As I listened to their stories, I came to realize that people are operating in fear as they  or their family gets a devastating diagnosis or prognosis.  That people are forced to pick any hospital or physician to treat immediately without knowing much or understanding the terminology of the illness, diagnosis, treatment or recovery and change needed to happen.  The change became the formation of  Hand In Crisis .

Hand In Crisis is an Allied Health Care organization which acts as a body of recommended Medical, Surgical, Behavioral, Home Care Companionship and Health Care Coordinator. We manage and coordinate care for anyone who is or whose family is in a health care crisis.  We listen to our clients, get them the right medical, surgical, behavioral or companionship care with professionals whom we are affiliated with that are best in the care of their need.

Our services include:

Educational awareness

Patient and family advocacy (Hospital &Nursing Home Family Conference)

Patient and family counseling (Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Bereavement & Spiritual)

Oncology counseling (Pre, Post & survivorship)

Hospice and palliative care (Arrange from Hospital to Home Care)

Companionship (Home & Travelling)

Funeral fundraising/Arrangement (Video clients if home bound

Language Translation  ( Ibibio, Efik, Ibo, Urhobo, Isoko, Edo)              

If you do not find your need on our service list, please call us at 516-462-6486 or email us at handincrisis@gmail.com and we will do our best to find you a vendor for your desired service. 

We look forward to working for you as you go through this tough time.  We are always here to serve you.